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Anand Mahindra’s “Silliest Joke” On Lockdown Has Twitter In Splits. Watch



Anand Mahindra's 'Silliest Joke' On Lockdown Has Twitter In Splits. Watch

Screengrab from a video shared on Twitter by Anand Mahindra.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant economic and social fallouts have caused much grief to people around the world. In such times, it can be difficult to find a silver lining. But it is also during such times that it becomes most important to find reasons to remain positive. Thanks to the Internet, we now have plenty of excuses to break into a laugh amid a tough day. From animals being their usual fun self to people finding comedy in tragedy, there are plenty of videos on the Internet that will tickle your funny bones.

Industrialist Anand Mahindra, who came across one such viral video, shared it on his Twitter account, drawing some laughs from his followers.

The Chairman of Mahindra Group shared a TikTok video in which a man is seen sitting outside a room with a lock tied to a rope. The lock and the rope are hanging from the metal latch of the door. The man proceeds to pull the lock up and down. When asked what he is up to, the man is heard saying “lock-down”.

The joke, which was a play on the lockdown imposed in states across the country due to the rise in COVID-19 cases, was a silly yet effective one, said Mr. Mahindra. He praised the ability of the people to find reasons to laugh even in tough times.

Sharing the viral video, he said, “This is the silliest kind of joke possible—but I’m still glad that as a nation we have our sense of humour intact. And frankly, this is the perfect time to replay this when every state leader is trying to figure out how much to lower that lock!”

The video shared by Mr. Mahindra has received over 82,000 views in less than 24 hours.

Followers of Mr Mahindra were soon in splits watching the video and left comments to the effect below the post. Sharing the industrialist’s tweet, one user said that humour helps make tough situations light.

“Sense of humour matters sir!” agreed another user.

The pandemic may give us ‘lockstars’, said another.

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