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Today’s Barrister Babu Written Episode Update 13th April 2021: Anirudh Convinces Interviewers? – Movie Reviews Tamil Cinema Reviews, Bollywood Gossip – Tech Kashif




Today’s Barrister Babu Written Episode Update 13th April 2021: The recent episode of Barrister Babu starts with where Bondita wonders that she will wear a jacket that Anirudh gifted to Manorama, Manorama puts on a jacket and says that it’s perfectly made for her. Another side she is making a plan under which she will pull the Latkan whereas she has to welcome Viceroy on the stage. She is pondering to kill Viceroy and would sacrifice her life for the nation, due to her motto is to release the country from the hands of the British.

Today's Barrister Babu Written Episode Update 13th April 2021: Anirudh Convinces Interviewers?

She looks that Bombs wiring is coming out from the jacket and tries to hide that because at any cost she can not let her plan ruin. On another side Anirudh wants to see Bondita that does she need any help in the study or not, he goes to check her meanwhile Koyli and Vihari indicate Bondita and she gets alert herself. Anirudh looks at Vihari there and interrogates him that what he is doing here, Bondita behest tailor that he needs to wash his hands so go to the washroom.

After that, Bondita mentions that unless she allows him, he can’t come outside from the washroom at any cost. Anirudh enters her room and she pretends that she is studying whole-heartedly, but Anirudh gets doubt her that she is hiding something from him. Bondita expresses her feelings, that this time she will not give him any chance to make distance from her again.

Hence she will do her best in the study, Anirudh feels proud of her that finally, she came to the right path. Then Bondita says to Koyli & Vihari that she has to impress Anirudh with her best result in exams, they both make her believe that they will manage everything. So there is no need to think anything, and she allows the tailor to come outside from the washroom as well.

Another side Anirudh gets happy by saying that finally, she is going forward to her Barrister’s study which is really commendable. But now she understood the value of study and if interviewers give her one more chance so she will definitely prove herself. Anirudh requests the interviewers again and again to take her interview one more time and they get agreed with him.

But interviewers put a condition in front of him that if she gets selected, so she will have to go to the hostel tomorrow without making any excuse. After hearing this Anirudh recalls all those moments in which they both have lived together and thinks even if she will go away from them, but she will get such a big opportunity to be a barrister in the future. So stream it at the correct time for more overwhelming twists and for further details stay connected with us.


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