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Watch Jeet Ki Zid Web Series Online Or Download Available On The Zee5: Amit Sadh, Amrita Puri



Watch Jeet Ki Zid Web Series Online Or Download Available On The Zee5: Amit Sadh, Amrita Puri

Witness the remarkable story of a Kargil war hero who achieves the impossible through willpower and determination. Enjoy Amit Sadh’s incredible performance in ZEE5 Original series, Jeet Ki Zid.

  • Cast: Amit Sadh, Sushant Singh, Amrita Puri
  • Director: Vishal Mangalorkar

How Many episodes season one have?

The series has a total of 7-episodes to stream. Here are the details of the episode complete below:

Jeet Ki Zid Episode 1: A Personal Reason

Deep successfully leads a civilian hostage rescue operation in a school in Kashmir with his Special Forces team. The school mission brings back memories of his journey from a young kid in Bhopal to a Special Forces officer and his heart-wrenching reason for joining the Force.

Jeet Ki Zid Episode 2: Thirty Seconds

Despite being hospitalized due to a bullet wound, Deep refuses to be tied down to the bed and takes it upon himself to recuperate quickly through unconventional methods. He sneaks out of the hospital to attend his best friend Surya’s wedding, where he meets Jaya. There is an instant connection between the two, and Jaya’s innocent questions bring back some old memories.

Jeet Ki Zid Episode 3: Balidaan

Love blossoms between Jaya and Deep, but his habit of sneaking out of the hospital prompts his Commanding Officer to challenge him to prove that he’s fit within 15 days. Deep takes up the challenge and starts a rigorous exercise regimen. Later, Deep confides in Jaya about the grueling tasks thrown at him by his trainer, Col. Ranjeet Chaudhary.

Jeet Ki Zid Episode 4: Kargil

The Kargil war breaks out and Deep, who has been declared medically unfit, convinces his Commanding Officer to allow him to lead his team into the battle, where he gets critically wounded. He is airlifted to the Army hospital in Delhi but ends up losing his ability to walk.

Jeet Ki Zid Episode 5: Suicide

Wheelchair-bound, Deep’s life goes through a dramatic change. The helplessness gets to him, but Jaya steps in and takes charge. Later, the two get married and start a new life after Deep resigns from the army. As the years go by, Deep’s continued struggle to find a purpose in life pushes him to the brink of self-destruction.

Jeet Ki Zid Episode 6: Bloody Loser!

Deep gets sucked into depression. When Surya and his wife visit Deep and Jaya, Surya tries to talk Deep out of his depression but, fails. He then asks Jaya to seek Col. Chaudhary’s help as only he can save Deep.

Jeet Ki Zid Episode 7: The Army Behind The Army

Col. Chaudhary returns to Deep’s life and helps Deep walk again with his unconventional training. Jaya is overwhelmed to see Deep back on his feet. Deep is full of gratitude towards Col. Chaudhary and, more so, towards Jaya, for helping him piece together his life.

How To Watch Jeet Ki Zid Web Series?

Currently, you can able to watch Jeet Ki Zid web series season one episodes complete only on the Zee5 streaming service. You can not watch it for free. You need to purchase a Zee5 subscription plan to watch the episodes.

Is It Available To Download?

Zee5 also allows you to download Jeet Ki Zid all episodes, save them to your mobile phone or any Zee5 streaming device to watch offline.


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