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A formidable guide on knowing whether your favourite K pop idols are dating or not



A netizen created an online community post with the title, “The way to recognize idol members who are dating,” is going viral on the internet! Read on to find out.

GD and Jennie are revealed to be dating

GD and Jennie are revealed to be dating (Pic credit – Instagram)

K-pop stans are the fan version of Sherlock Holmes! Nothing is exempt from the sharp and piercing eye of a K-pop fan. Fans can sniff out the smallest details from the most unlikely odds. Previously, fans have figured out spoilers regarding their favourite group”s upcoming comeback, their friendships, rivalries and even dating news based on a mere design on their outfits or by guessing the pattern of clouds in the sky!

Recently rumours were rife that NCT’s Haechan was dating ITZY’s Ryujin when hawk-eyed fans noticed that the only groups he followed on V-Live were NCT and ITZY. Haechan grew flustered for a moment when his Ipad screen was exposed on camera, fuelling the dating rumours further. ITZY members were seen teasing Ryujin for spending more time on dressing and makeup, making fans believe that it was for Haechan.

The unnamed netizen’s viral post titled, “The way to recognize idol members who are dating,” is gaining traction amongst netizens. The online community post includes various captures from different shows that show the different ways that netizens can find out which members from idol groups are dating. According to the netizen, it’s the other members who make it obvious that one of their members is dating. Case in point, when TWICE members were asked which of the members was most likely to get married first, they all pointed to Chaeyoung, who was involved in dating rumours last year.

According to the netizen who wrote the post, if the members all point to one member for the question, “who will get married first,” the member who is chosen is most likely to be the one dating. In addition, if one member seems overly happy and is taking extra care of their appearance these days liking investing in fashion and makeup, that member is also likely to be dating. This theory was proven true in the case of BLACKPINK’s Jennie before she confirmed dating Bigbang’s G-Dragon.

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