The episode starts with Bondita is in half sleeping state in her bed lying her head down. Her hairs are touching the ground as waterfall touches the rocks. In full darkness the moonlight from her window, gives contrast to her face. Her light sky blue saree in collaboration with dim light is presenting her as epitome of beauty.

Suddenly a bright light falls on her face, she tried her best to cover her eyes by her hands but after hearing the voice she has to wake up….

Sumati- Bondita Beta….

Bondita- Haa Maa.

Sumati- Are you sleeping in this hour? Are you fine?

Bondita- Yes maa. I am fine m I was just recollecting old memories… those unforgettable memories.

Sumati- Your future is going to be more beautiful beta. (She told by keeping her hand on Bondita’s head)

Bondita- Maa can I sleep in your lap? Your lap and Sakha babu’s arms are safest place for me.

Sumati- I don’t know what good deed I had done in previous birth that I gave your hand in his. He is God beta.

Bondita- Yes maa…he is my God. I worship him and it’s my luck that I am going to be his wife.

Sumati- Very soon you will be Bondita Anirudh Roy Chowdhury. I am waiting for the moment.

Bondita- umm hmm… Barrister Bondita Anirudh Roy Chowdhury Maa. The barrister word before my name is a proof that I am his devotee.

Sumati- What had happened beta at evening? Why he was in broken state?

Bondita- He got emotional thinking about Saurabh Dada. Maa did any call come from him?

Sumati- No but thakuma called there. Sampoorna said that Anirudha jamaibabu didn’t give her the medicine. He went to his room directly.

Bondita- Ohh…I should have called him. He was broken and I did not even ask. (She sat taking her head up from Sumati’s lap)

Sumati- Sometimes a broken person needs a personal space beta. He would have called you if he wanted, probably he wants to spend some time with his own. He will call when he will come from his trauma.

Bondita- Hmmm..(she lies again in lap) Maa today when we were going to police station. I saw someone. I don’t know why but my heart is saying that something is going to be bad.

Sumati- Durga maa will look after you too. Don’t worry. But whom did you see?

Bondita- Maa she is…(Her words remain incomplete because tapur interrupts her in between)

Tapur- Bondita didi, Anirudh dada called…he wants to talk to you.

A sweet smile comes in her face. She happily runs towards the telephone.

Bondita- Sakha babu! Are you ok?

Anirudha- Yes Bondita. I am fine now. Your voice gave me peace.

Bondita- Glad to hear Sakha babu.

Anirudh- Bondita I want to discuss something. I know you are in my support but you have to convince someone else.

Bondita- I will try my best Sakha babu. Tell me…

Anirudh- Bondita do you remember about Sampoorna maa’s singing dream? Even Saurabh wanted to fulfill her dream.

Bondita- Yes Sakha babu. I do remember.

Anirudh- I forgot my promise Bondita but now I want to fulfill it. I want Sampoorna maa to learn music, to practice music.

Bondita- It’s very good idea Sakha babu. But where the problem is?

Anirudh recalled how Sampoorna refused to learn singing.



Sampoorna- How can this be possible Anirudh?

Anirudh- What is the problem in it? You always wanted to learn time. Now time came.

Sampoorna- But Jeth ji will never agree for it. Now I am not only Bondita’s sister but elder daughter in law of RC. How can I cross the door frame of this house?

Anirudh- Bondita also went na? She went to London by crossing this door frame only.

Sampoorna- When Bondita went to London, she was not your wife.

Anirudh- But when she went school,she was my wife right?

Sampoorna- Everything is not easy Anirudha as you are thinking.

Anirudh- Everything will be easy just you take one step forward. Bondita showed her courage by breaking society norms. Now every woman have to show it.

Sampoorna- Bondita was a child then, that’s why Jeth ji agreed. But I am not…I have mentally ill husband…kids. It’s not time for these. Womens are habituated to sacrifice their dreams.

Anirudh- And we have to protest against this habit. Why only womens are forced to sacrifice?

Sampoorna- Because every woman doesn’t get a husband like you.

Anirudh- But you have a son like me na? I can’t do anything alone. Womens have to support me then only I can bring the change. How will I fight if womens come to stop me? My dreams, Bondita’s dreams…our dreams will be incom….(Before he could say.. Sampoorna covers his lips)

Sampoorna- I always pray that your dreams get fulfilled. Once talk to Bondita about it.



Anirudh- So you get what you have to do?

Bondita- Yes Sakha babu. I know whom I have to convince (she said with a winning smile in her face). Can I talk to Sampoorna maa now?

Anirudh- Ya..she is here only.

Sampoorna- Hello…

Bondita- Didi don’t worry. I will handle everything. You believe me right?

Sampoorna- I know you can win by your words be it a court case or someone’s heart. I believe you.

Bondita- So sweet of you.

Sampoorna- Listen tomorrow I will go to market with Anirudh. Will you come too?

Bondita- If your son wants then…(she shies)

Sampoorna- No he doesn’t want you to come…(she laughs)😅

Anirudh- Sampoorna Maa what you are saying?😢

Sampoorna- (laughs)… Talk you two then…I have to check if dinner is prepared or not.

Anirudh- Will you come Bondita?☺

Bondita- Will wait for you…

Anirudh- I want to see you on yellow saree…

Bondita- I will be ready

Anirudh- Good night Bondita🥰. I want this night to pass soon.

Bondita- Good night Sakha babu 🥰


Anirudh and Sampoorna come to Bondita’s house.

Sampoorna- Namaste Thakuma…

Thakuma- Arrey Sampoorna. You didn’t inform about it last night. Come sit.

Sampoorna- No Thakuma. I came here to take my bahu for sometime..if you permit.

Thakuma- Who can stop Bondita? 😅😅

Hearing Sampoorna’s voice Bondita comes out of her room.

Bondita- If you have some work with me. Then I will stay back.

As soon as Bondita voice enters Anirudh’s ear… He looks towards her and got mesmerized seeing her.

She was in yellow saree as Anirudh wished. Just a gold choker in her neck, two little jhumkas in her ears and with open hair, She is not looking less than an apsara. The day light is reflecting on her face and her yellow saree like the Sun itself came in earth but with a coldness like moon. Breezes are blowing her long straight black hairs like summer wind moves prairies grasses . He can look this beauty again and again without blinking… but he comes out of his lost state when Sampoorna shakes him…

Sampoorna- Anirudh? Where are you lost?

Anirudh- Nothing Sampoorna maa… should we go? (Still looking at Bondita)

Sampoorna- Yaa.. let’s go. Come Bondita.

They leave…

All the time, Anirudh was lost in his dreams that he didn’t hear what Sampoorna and Bondita were talking.

After reaching the market…

Anirudh- Sampoorna maa, you two go. I am coming after parking the car.

Sampoorna nods…

Bondita- (Whispers in his ears) I dressed like you wanted but you didn’t give any complement😐

Anirudh- I didn’t get time to turn my face from you Bondita. How could I have complemented? I have no words.

Sampoorna- Arrey Bondita, you two started talking. Come…he will come very soon. And after 24 days you two will get enough time to talk 😅😅

Anirudh, Bondita shy

Anirudh- I am coming just after parking…

Bondita- I will wait…

They two go in opposite direction… looking at each other.

After some time Anirudh came and meet them..

Sampoorna- Anirudh I kept your Bondita till now. I have to go that tailor shop… you two check if you have to buy something.

Anirudh, Bondita nods…

They were walking in the middle of the market but their eyes were at each other only.. They didn’t talk anything but their eyes were saying everything… suddenly… Anirudh stopped and points towards a shop. It has some beautiful bracelets… They go there. Bondita gets excited seeing them.. they all are beautiful. Anirudh picks one… exactly same as Bondita lost some weeks before… that bracelet with pearls…

A lady passes by them too hurrily that she didn’t care Bondita gets a large scratch in her arms by her (that lady) bracelet… ouch… slightly the sound comes from Bondita’s mouth but when she looks up she just saw the back of the lady…

She has something in her that Bondita could not resist her self from following her without Anirudh’s consent…

Anirudh gets glad seeing the bracelet and moves towards his right side to make Bondita wear it.. but till then she was following that lady as she saw a miracle…

Bondita’s this behaviour shocked him that he forgot what he should do…



Hey fam.. I will reveal it on next episode… till then cook your own story 😅


Stay positive always and keep watching Barrister Babu.

Let me how today’s episode is… comment your thoughts down ☺


Keep loving


Much Love…



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