Aranmanai 3 Twitter Review: Here's what the audience has to say about Arya and Raashii Khanna starrer


The third part of the Tamil comedy horror film Aranmanai has released today, October 14, 2021. Starring  Arya, Raashii Khanna in the lead roles, Aranmanai 3 is written and directed by Sundar C. Aranmanai 3 is out for the audience and the film is receiving mixed reviews on social media. 

A twitter user writes, “First half ok good one not too much bad family audience will definitely like this interval twist really doesn’t expect this…songs illama iruntha worth one than songs lam waste of time intha movie ku.” Going by the reviews, Aranmanai 3 follows the template of the first two parts. 

The other writes, “#Aranmanai3  Tested & Tried Horror Movie that works big time among Single Screens B & C centers. #SundarC catches d meter & travels with his usual comedy, romance and thrills, sure to appeal amongst the mass audiences.” 

Check out what the audience has to say: 

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Aranmanai 3 also has Andrea Jeremiah, Sakshi Agarwal, Vivek (his posthumous film), Myna Nandhini, Yogi Babu, Nalini, Manobala, Sampath Raj, Ovi Bhandarkar, Vincent Asokan and several others. 

The cinematography is by U. K. Senthil Kumar, music by C. Sathya, and the film’s editing by Fenny Oliver. 

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