Army of Thieves: The Prequel of Army of Death has finally confirmed its release date

Have you ever felt the relief of finding a perfect series or movie for you? You know that kind of show that suits your mood and stuff? When I find something I like and the shows that perfectly balance all my fantasies in the same place, I am over the moon with happiness. Army Of Thieves is something that seems like my cup of tea right now.

The upcoming movie just released its trailer and it looks like the show has everything you could love. Comedy? Check, Romantic scenes? Look, thriller? Check action? Check and last but not least Horror? bill. If all of these things excite you, you should probably read this article to the end.

After the film released its official trailer on YouTube, the public reacted quickly. The trailer for the film is on YouTube and has been viewed more than 2.5 million times. This film resembles a remake of Money Heist, but in German and with a little more drama.

In this article, we will discuss everything about the film in detail. Keep scrolling through the article to know all about the movie and all about it.

Army of Thieves: all about the movie!

Army Of Thieves is an upcoming movie made by the collaboration of American and German for the audience. The movie is everything a person would like to see. Army Of Thieves also features zombies that fans would love to see.

The movie is directed by Matthias Schweighöfer and produced by Deborah Snyder and Zack Snyder. Army of Thieves was announced to release in 2019 and under critical circumstances of a global pandemic, production was halted.

Again, the film was announced in October 2020, and later, the film was finally wrapped in late 2020.

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Army Of Thieves: When Is It Coming Out?

Since the movie has already released its official trailer on youtube, it is quite understandable that the movie will be released super soon. Army Of Thieves is actually the prequel to Army of the Dead, created by Zack Snyder.

The film follows the six years leading up to the Zombies Heist movie, which later follows the story of Ludwig Dieter as he is the main character of the film. Ludwig Dieter hires a secret woman to start the heist with the country’s other popular thieves.

Matthias Schweighöfer returns as Ludwig in the movie, which is a super safe cracking ability like we saw in the first movie. The prequel to Army Of Thieves was already a hit with audiences and for Netflix it was something they needed to keep going. How can we not expect another installment of the series at that point?

It has already been confirmed that Army Of Thieves will be released on the popular OTT platform Netflix on October 29, 2021. According to the reports. The cast will have something much bigger this time. If you have any questions, just like Ludwig Dieter, then I’d like to ask you to wait a minute and read the next section to find out.

The release date confirmation was confirmed by the show’s creator, Zack Synder. He released an official Twitter post pointing to the film’s release date. The caption as “ARMY OF THIEVES on Netflix worldwide OCTOBER 29 #ArmyofThieves

Everyone’s favorite story is coming back to release super soon and I know you’d love to see your favorite heist on screen.

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Army Of Thieves Cast: Who Will Be In The Movie?

The prequel to the famous movie Army of the Dead is exclusively for you. This film is set in the time 6 years before the actuarial situation and gives you an insight into how our current character has fared.

After watching the official trailer, you would have found many similar or familiar faces from the cast. In this section of the article we will talk about the cast and character of the movie to help you further in the game.

  • Matthias Schweighöfer follows the character of Ludwig Dieter, the protagonist of the film who is a perfect safe-cracker.
  • Nathalie Emmanuel plays the part of Gwendoline. You must have seen her in the Game of Thrones series where she used to play Missandei in the series.
  • Guz Khan returns as Rolph
  • Ruby O. Fee to be cast as Korina
  • Stuart Martin comes as Brad Cage
  • Jonathan Cohen plays the character of Delacroix
  • Noemie Nakai plays the role of Beatrix
  • Peter Simonischek can also be seen in the official trailer. However, we have not learned anything about his character so far.
  • John Bubniak is also seen as Christopher.

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Is there an official trailer for the movie?

If you happened to skip over the official trailer for the movie, don’t worry. The official trailer was released a month before the release date and has received more than 2.3 million views so far. Fans are excited to see what happens in the prequel to the famous movie.

Watch the awesome Army Of Thieves trailer and don’t forget to share your thoughts.

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My verdict

The famous Army Of Dead prequel is ready to stream on Netflix this year. Army Of Thieves is a perfect example of what heist and horror look like. Since the film is set before the 6 year gap, it would be best for the audience to see what happens before that and how their favorite Ledwig started his journey. The film also follows a zombie apocalyptic period, so you get it all together.

However, it would be hard to say whether all these genres would really make the movie great or not? But it doesn’t matter because we have already seen that even an unsavory plot heist movie can become a famous choice among the people. The official trailer is already out.

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