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Battlefield 2042 Beta: Release Date and Expectations
Battlefield 2042 Beta: Release Date and Expectations

Multiplayer games have come a long way since we saw the possibility of 10 players in a single match. Call of Duty was one of those games that introduced such functionality to be able to play against other players. After that, we saw an upward trend in the multiplayer game genre. Counter-Strike: Condition Zero is probably that one multiplayer game most of us grew up playing. It also featured a lobby of 10-12 players. Then came Battle Royale games where 100 players could play in one lobby. One of those games is Battlefield 2042. In this article, we will talk about the beta release date of Battlefield 2042. In addition, we will also talk about the previous installments in the video game series and expectations.

Battlefield is a first-person shooter game developed by DICE (Digital Illusions CE) and published by EA Games. The very first installment of the game ‘Battlefield 1942’ was released in September 2002, first for Windows and two years later for OS X. With that, we saw Activision trying to compete in the shooter genre with a 2003 ‘Call of Duty’ game. And they certainly dominated the market with a good storyline and characters, but Battlefield has always been a cutthroat competitor for them. DICE will release the new edition for the franchise later in November. But luckily for us, they let players try it out before launch. So, without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at the release date of the BF 2042.

Battlefield History and Storyline

The very first Battlefield game was launched on September 10, 2002 for Windows and on June 28, 2004 for OS X. It was a success because there were no shooters of this magnitude at the time. The multiplayer feature would definitely catch some bees, and it did. After the success of the game, ‘Battlefield Vietnam’ was released on March 14, 2004. At the time, Activision was making the new Call of Duty game. This was another huge success and what followed was a series of poorly numbered games. However, confusing numbers didn’t make all those games get more than 8 stars on most major game review websites.

Battlefield 2042 Beta: Release Date and Expectations

Battlefield 1942 in-game screen capture

The storyline of Battlefield games varies from game to game. As in 1942, we see the battles fought during the Second World War, the same goes for Vietnam. The game series has no concrete characters that the story revolves around. It’s always a random environment with random characters. However, the story always revolves around some kind of war. In Battlefield 2142 you fight a war against Asian countries and Russia as they try to take over Europe and North Africa.

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