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Big Sky season 2 episode 3: ‘You have to play along’
Big Sky season 2 episode 3: ‘You have to play along’

Do you want some more news about big sky season 2 episode 3? There are a handful of things you are interested in right now, but let’s start with the mystery of it all.

For whatever reason, ABC has yet to release so much information about the next new episode. All there is at the moment is the title: “You’ve got to play along.” That could be an instruction, a warning, or a message buried in part of the case. There’s probably LOTS of big stuff coming up here, and that could be one of the reasons the network keeps things secret.

What we do feel upon entering this episode is pretty simple: we’re going to see a real escalation when it comes to what Jenny and Cassie are up to. We know they’ve been dealing with a lot when it comes to Ronald lately, but now they also have a new threat in the city that they’re dealing with. Based on what we’ve seen so far, big sky just becomes one of those worlds where there is ALWAYS a problem, and there will almost always be a cliffhanger too.

In the end, we are still reeling from the surprise of Legarski’s twin brother. What would this show do without some of these big buzz-worthy moments?

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