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BTS ARMY have the cutest nickname for Taehyung’s adorable poodle like curly hair



ARMY put their creative brains to best use and moniker Taehyung with the cutest title! Read on to find out.

BTS' V flaunts his new hairdo at Butter press conference

BTS’ V flaunts his new hairdo at Butter press conference (Pic credit -News1)

Why do men even try when Kim Taehyung exists? BTS” multi-faceted singer-songwriter, producer, performer and visuals enthralled ARMY, audiences and media by sporting a new hairdo at the press conference of BTS’ new song, Butter. Taehyung sported gorgeous caramel curls that rested pretty on his head, enhancing his handsome face even further. Fans were in awe of Taehyung’s style versatility and agreed unanimously that only Taehyung could have pulled off such a difficult look with style and elan.

However, ARMY wasted no time in putting their creative brains to use and launched a meme fest, comparing Taehyung’s hair to other contemporary curls! With his new perm, Taehyung resembles a fluffy puppy and was given the name “Vchon” (V and Bichon) by fans! At the press conference, Taehyung stated that he is in charge of the ‘cute quotient’ in the group and spent a lot of time perfecting his look. ARMY agree that Taehyung’s Min Holly-fication is complete and the two share a cute and uncanny resemblance with each other. For the unversed, Min Holly is Suga’s puppy.

Check out some creative ARMY tweets below:

It wasn’t just ARMY who launched into a meme fest, BTS members themselves showed their funny side when they compared Taehyung’s new perm look to Bob Ross, the American painter and Dustin from the television series Stranger Things! Jungkook even crowned him as a ‘Fork Prince’!

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