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Call of Duty Warzone: Best Season 6 Meta Weapons and Gear
Call of Duty Warzone: Best Season 6 Meta Weapons and Gear

If you’re already used to rolling out with the Krig 6 at this point, there’s honestly little reason to deviate from your strategy. It’s a solid all-round weapon that can easily take you to victory if you know what you’re doing.

DMR 14

The DMR 14 isn’t as broken as it used to be, but it’s still one of the best long-range guns in the world war zone that’s not technically a sniper rifle.

While the Grav’s long-range effectiveness detracts from the DMR 14’s appeal, this weapon’s sniper-like precision and high rate of fire mean it’s one of the best ways to keep enemies under control and ensure they afraid to peek into their heads out.

AK-47 (CW)

Some call the AK-47 the best overall weapon in war zone, and while I’m not quite ready to go that far, I will say that this weapon’s ridiculous TTK potential makes it a top option.

If you can find a way to control this weapon’s sometimes unruly recoil, you should be able to rely on this assault rifle from close to mid-range in most scenarios. It’s just a scary weapon for both the user and the person on the other side.


The XM4 has been solid for quite some time, but like the AK-47 it has recently benefited from some of the changes made to other weapons.

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