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Chester Bennington’s widow recalls how he “always…



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Chester Bennington's widow recalls how he

“You were the best person I’ve ever known. I see you every day in our babies,” Talinda Bennington wrote on social media of her late husband, Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington.
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Talinda Bennington pays tribute to her late husband, Linkin Park rocker Chester Bennington, on the four-year anniversary of his death.

On Tuesday, Talinda shared a photo to her social media accounts of Chester raising a thumbs up with a piece of lettuce on his head and writing in the caption, “You always had a way of making us laugh.”

“You’ve always made everything better,” she continued. “And when you put this cup of lettuce on your head to make us laugh because our food took forever, you made everything better again. I’m so glad the kids and I have huge amounts of photos and videos to share with you.” to remember .”

Talinda went on to say that she and their children, 9-year-old twins Lily and Lila and son Tyler, 15, miss Chester “every second of every day.” (Chester also had children Jaime, Isaiah, and Draven from previous relationships.)

“You were the best person I’ve ever known,” she wrote. “I see you every day in our babies. Lily is your mini me, with her looks and beautiful voice. Tyler has your wit, intellect, looks and the same obsession to figure out space and time. And Lila, she has your heart of gold.”

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Talinda wrote that when the children were newborn, Chester wrote down his “hopes and dreams for them.”

“God must have seen what you wrote because they really are everything you wished they were,” she wrote. “I know you can see them. I would give anything to have you back so they can see you. But that’s why we have our whole lives together on home videos. I’m glad I never stopped recording.”

Talinda concluded her post by saying that she and the kids would “remember how wonderfully wonderful” Chester was on the anniversary of his death by watching some of their home videos. “I love you. RIP,” she wrote.

Chester died by suicide at age 41 in July 2017. After his death, Talinda launched the non-profit organization 320 Changes Direction in an effort to “change the culture about mental health, mental illness and wellness,” according to the website.

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On an episode of the 2019 ABC News podcast Life after suicide, Talinda went on to talk about her late husband, telling Dr. Jennifer Ashton, the network’s chief medical correspondent, said she thought he’d hit a “good spot” after years of struggling with substance abuse and depression.

“We just thought he was okay,” she said. ‘I cannot emphasize it enough. If you knew Chester, you’d know he was in a good place, such a good place.”

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Rather than “staying in despair,” Talinda added that interacting with Linkin Park fans on social media helped her through the early stages of grief.

“They reached out and said how sad they were and that they didn’t think they could continue because Chester couldn’t,” she said. “And I knew that was the last thing Chester would have wanted.”

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), text “STRENGTH” to the Crisis Text Line at 741-741, or go to suicide

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