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Godzilla vs Kong 2021: Watch Godzilla vs Kong online now while WarnerBros releases another 2021 title, directly on streaming and VOD platforms. The fourth installment in Legendary’s MonsterVerse franchise, Adam Wingard’s Foray into These Monstrous Titans, is now available to watch with an HBO Max subscription for those in the US.


Godzilla vs Kong 2021 Movie Watch online at HBO Max – Techkashif

Following on from Godzilla (2014), Kong: Skull Island (2017) and Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019), it seems inevitable that the two intersect. Yes, Earth’s remaining Titans are finally meeting, as humanity is trapped in the crossfire of their destructive path as they face blows.

How to watch Godzilla vs Kong online

Release date: March 24, 2021

Director: Adam Wingard

Featuring: Millie Bobby Brown, Alexander Skarsgård, Rebecca Hall, Brian Tyree Henry

Duration: 1 hour, 53 minutes

Rating: 12A

Watch in the US: Subscribe to HBO Max

What time is Godzilla vs. Kong released on HBO Max?

Godzilla vs. Kong will be available to stream on HBO Max on Wednesday, March 31 at 3:01 am ET / 12:01 pm PT.

How to watch Godzilla vs Kong in the US

In the US, Godzilla vs Kong is now in cinemas and now also available to watch on HBO Max. However, HBO Max is currently not available in the UK or other countries outside the US.

However, if you’re in the US and not a subscriber to HBO Max, you can sign up for $ 14.99 per month. The film will be available to watch on HBO Max for 31 days from its theatrical release.

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You can also watch Godzilla vs Kong for free if you add HBO Max to your Hulu subscription, giving you a seven-day free trial of HBO Max. It costs $ 14.99 a month after your trial is over.

Ahead of the release of Godzilla vs Kong, we spoke with director Adam Wingard about the challenge of making the human storyline as compelling as the Titan fight, and the Blair Witch trick he used to bring the battles to life.

“I always had an air horn at hand for that film. I called it my ‘scary horn’. If I needed a big shock from an actor I’d give them a little bit of arousal with that thing, and it was really effective. So this was like the big monster version of that, ”he explained.

How to watch Godzilla vs Kong in the UK

With cinemas in the UK still closed, Godzilla vs Kong is available to rent from tomorrow (April 1). It will likely cost £ 15.99 to rent for a 48-hour period, as do other recent Warner Bros titles such as Tom & Jerry: The Movie.

If you want to wait to see it on the big screen, at least wait until April 12 when drive-in cinemas are allowed to reopen. The Drive In and Nightflix will be showing Godzilla vs Kong from that date.

Cinemas in the UK will reopen from May 17, but it’s unclear whether Godzilla vs Kong will get a release once they do.

How to watch Godzilla vs Kong in the rest of the world

Godzilla vs Kong received its theatrical release internationally on March 24 with the option to watch Godzilla vs Kong in countries and cities where movie theaters have begun to reopen.

For those who want to stay at home and watch from the comfort of their own home, we expect paid VOD to be available internationally on Amazon Prime Video, as well as iTunes and Google Play Store.

This means you can rent the movie to watch at your leisure. In the UK, Godzilla vs Kong will be available to rent from April 1 for £ 15.99 if previous releases from WarnerBros have anything to offer, likely with the option to also rent from Sky Store for Sky customers.

Canada can catch up with the US on March 31, with a home premiere available on Google Play Store, Cineplex Store, and iTunes.

Down under you can see Godzilla vs Kong which is fast becoming ‘the old fashioned way’. Cinemas – remember them? Now that the ongoing health crisis seems to have calmed down in Oz, check out the big screen.

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