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Good Girls Recap 07/21/07: Season 4 Episode 13 “You”



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Good Girls Recap 07/21/07: Season 4 Episode 13 “You”

Tonight on NBC, their hit show Good Girls airs with an all-new episode from Sunday, July 8, 2021, and we’ve got your Good Girls recap below. In Tonight’s Good Girls Season 4 Episode 13, “YOU” according to the NBC synopsis, “Rio joins the girls’ new business much to Beth’s dismay; Phoebe discovers a bomb in the case and returns to Detroit.

Good Girls Season 4 Episode 13 airs 10pm – 11pm ET on NBC. Make sure to bookmark this place and come back for our Good Girls recap! While you wait for the recap, be sure to check out all of our television coverage, news, spoilers and more!

Tonight’s Good Girls Recap starts now – refresh the page often to get the most recent updates!

The episode opens with Annie, Beth and Ruby in the hot tub drinking some wine. Rio and Nick are eating and drinking a beer, and Rio gives him women’s advice, but Nick says it’s not his style.

Annie is asleep when she hears someone at the door, she slowly approaches and beats up her roommate, he says he forgot his key. She asks where he has been, he says Angela’s house. He grabs a few things and says he’s going back to Angela. He tells her Angela has asked him to move in with her, Annie says it’s a little quick. She tells him she doesn’t want to be alone, he says he doesn’t either, and he leaves.

Stan is packing wallets, he tells Ruby to get them out of there because they told Eli’s mom she bought a fake one and she spread the news, threatened to call the police. He says this is Beth’s fault, she goes out with her all night and now everything is blown up.

Beth, Annie and Ruby are working on making money. Beth tells Ruby that maybe they should have a trade show party, Ruby says there are problems with the inventory.

Rio is at the strip club, he wants to clean up and run the place. Beth says no, this is where they make money. Ruby asks how much, Annie clarifies, their share.

The girls work on the old strip club staff to get them back to work, with new management. They offer to split the winnings, the girls will not only dance on the tables, they will also get a share; the girls are in.

Phoebe comes over to see Dave, he tells her he was trying to influence the director, she says it’s okay she’s the one who lost the money. She tells him to go with her, she goes to Detroit, she gives him an envelope. She tells him that she is free and that this is not even their authority. He tells her she needs a real vacation.

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Dean and Stan gather information about Beth, but Dean has doubts – Stan tells him that his wife brought it on herself.

The next morning another person shows up at Annie’s door, it’s her son and she admits she doesn’t want to be alone. Beth tells Dean that she’s found out that if she just gives the kids what they want, they’ll go straight to bed. Then she tells Dean that Rio throws a lot at her and that she will soon be working nights. He tells her not to miss too many bedtimes, she doesn’t know how many she has left. Annie goes to Angela’s work, she says she’s looking for Kevin, Angela says he’s probably at her house. Annie tries to discourage Angela from going out with Kevin and Angela catches it, telling her she likes that he’s different.

At the club, the girls are given everything to open up. The woman who beat Beth when she bought the club, then paid an inspector and got the club from her – shows up with a bunch of moms who signed a petition to stop the club from opening.

Phoebe is in her hotel room when Dave shows up, he goes in and loots her mini fridge and says he’s going to help her.

Beth shows Nick the petition, he tells her to run for city council and she can fix this problem. During their conversation she calls his brother Rio, Nick says she is not his brother, he is blood.

During a city council meeting, Annie gets up and reads a statement she prepared – Beth stops and gets up and talks about values, a few entrepreneurs stand up and say their businesses were doing better when the club opened, so in the end may the club open. Phoebe and Dave walk into the club, Phoebe asks the girls if they miss them.

Ruby tells Stan that they are opening the club again, this is their new way out. He asks her if it’s a foregone conclusion, she says yes. The next day, Stan changes his mind, not wanting to trap Beth because he knows that Ruby will go down with her.

Annie comes home and Kevin is there, he’s fixed the lock and he’s cooking. She asks him what happened to Angela, he says she’s really not roommate material. He says he’s back because no one has ever needed him before, she says too.

Nick tells Beth that she’s treated herself pretty well in regards to the club, she tells him she’ll run for city council – when he asked who changed her mind, she said he did.

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