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Happiness In A Plate: Malaika Arora Devours Popular Mumbai Street Food



Malaika Arora is one of the most famous Bollywood celebrities. Except for her roles in the Bollywood industry, Malaika Arora is also known to follow a healthy lifestyle. One look at her Instagram and the actress will surely give you fitness goals. A hardcore follower of yoga, health and mindful living, Malaika calls herself a yogi. But just when you think that following a healthy lifestyle means not to indulge in fried foods, Malaika might prove you wrong. As she gives us glimpses of her life, she also often shares about guilt-ridden foods that she sometimes indulges in.

As she follows her exercises and yoga strictly, Malaika also promotes healthy eating by encouraging her fans to cook food at home and share what she makes at home. Although Malaika is a stern believer in fitness and mindful eating, sometimes a cheat meal is not a bad idea!

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Recently, taking over her Instagram story, Malaika posted a photo of a scrumptious looking vada pao. The actress wrote “Happiness on a plat #vadapao #eatlocal”. With her story, most of us can agree that vada pao is indeed happiness on a plate. Take a look at her breakfast:


Malaika Arora’s Instagram story

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As Malaika indulges in this spicy goodness of vada pao, it might have made you hungry as well. If you are also trying to follow a diet and exercise, having a cheat meal can be afforded once in a while. However, masaledar food every day might not help you with weight loss. If you are still looking for inspiration to start exercising, then look at Malaika’s Instagram page; the actress will surely give you major fitness goals.