How to Fix the Problem of Weak WiFi Signals Easily?


Most households have many devices but only one wireless router. A common problem with wireless routers is that the signal can become so poor at times that you cannot connect to or access the internet.

A weak Wi-Fi signal is like a nightmare for every modern-day user. Poor loading times, lost connections, and non-stop buffering can test your patience. You are not even able to access the internet because of poor signals and even if you are able to, the speed is just so slow that even a simple web page takes ages to load.

If you are someone who is having troubles with Wi-Fi signals and getting weak Wi-Fi signals, then here are some fixes to resolve the problem  of weak Wi-Fi signals: 

Upgrade Your Router

If you have an outdated, antique router then it is probably time for you to upgrade your router and get a modern one. Old routers usually face range and coverage issues, having less range and coverage than modern-day routers. If you are someone who is using a decade-old router then it is most likely that you will bump into signals and range issues.

The easiest solution to this problem is just to buy a new modern router that will have a lot more features than your old router, plus, it will also be able to transmit WiFi signals to greater areas.

Don’t Hide Your Router

Most people usually keep their router hidden somewhere because of all the mess and wires that it has, however, hiding your router and placing it under something will result in having poor Wi-Fi signals.

If you have placed your Wi-Fi router in a cupboard or behind something then it will result in the wireless signals getting weaker because of the objects in front of it and as a result, you will be having signal issues. 

The best solution to this problem is that you place your router in an open space and in the center of your home from where the signals are evenly distributed among all the rooms and ensure that there are no objects near the router that may obstruct the signals. 

Use a Wi-Fi Repeater/Range Extender

If you are having troubles with your Wi-Fi network and the signals are too weak that they are not reaching all ends of your house or office then you can use a Wi-Fi Range Extender or Repeater to increase the range of signals.

Wi-Fi Repeater or Wi-Fi Range Extenders are devices that take signals from your pre-existing Wi-Fi network, amplify it, and then re-broadcast it, increasing its range and reaching the dead zones. This will do the job if you have a dead zone or weak range issues. Wi-Fi Repeaters or Extenders don’t make your internet any faster but it does allow coverage on a greater area and you may see better internet speeds due to greater range.

These are usually cheap devices and even the top router manufacturers such as D-Link, TP-Link, etc also manufacture extenders/repeaters. You can buy one, pair it up with your Wi-Fi network, and have no worries about weak Wi-Fi signals. 

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Update Your Router’s Firmware

Just like any other tech device which runs on an OS, wireless routers run on firmware which can be considered as the OS of the routers. Router manufacturers occasionally release firmware updates having stability and performance updates.

Make sure that you check for the updates every once in a while and if there is any update available then you update the firmware of your router so that it is to the latest version of the firmware, having the latest performance and stability updates which can also help increase the range of Wi-Fi signals. 

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Change the Wireless Antenna

Most of the wireless routers come with antennas that can be easily screwed off and if you have got a wireless router whose antenna can be removed then you can fix the problem of weak/poor WiFi signals by buying a bigger antenna. 

Just take off the original antenna and replace it with a bigger antenna. A bigger antenna will be able to transmit signals to places where the original antenna wasn’t able to. This will fix the weak signal problem in most cases.

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Kick Unwanted Users from the Network

Sometimes the problem is not with Wi-Fi range or signals but it is with free leechers who are leeching off of your wireless network because the network is open or has a weak password. There could be unwanted users on the network who are constantly using your internet for downloading or streaming HD videos which may result in having poor internet speed. 

Just make sure that you don’t share your Wi-Fi password with anyone and the password that you set is a strong one that cannot easily be guessed by anyone.

These were some of the fixes using which you can improve the range and signals of your WiFi network. If the problem still persists after trying all these fixes then you need to upgrade your internet plan that provides higher bandwidth which will result in having greater internet speeds and less loading times.

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