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Luenell’s Instagram Live video leaked viral on social media, Twitter responds



Luenell’s Instagram Live video leaked viral on social media, Twitter responds

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Luenell’s Instagram Live Leaked Video: Popular personality Luenells is popular on social media for her shocking video. This whole incident happens during an Instagram live. The video review many views, comments and criticism. Fans are shocked after seeing the video. Also, she used really shocking words during her life. According to the recent statement, she still doesn’t care what viewers say in her words. The video is now viral on various social media platforms like Instagram, Reddit, Twitter and all other social media platforms. Check out the full update on the show.

Luenell’s Instagram Live Leaked Video

On July 9, 2021, Lunell went live with the inmates on her official Instagram handle. However, it is not yet clear what the real purpose of this is. Their video has been leaked by many people on social media. He looked everywhere before going topless. When they saw this, most fans were surprised or some sent emojis.

After a viral video, Milton Hall responded, saying, “Since you guys weren’t interested in watching my dwag at all, I didn’t get any love from Lunell.” Not only that, she also shares one of the screenshots about her status.

Fans react to the viral video on Twitter

Some fans support her and most fans use their social media to comment on the video.

One of the fans wrote, “So we ignored what Durk said? Rolling on the floor laughing, he actually hit Jania and Yaya.”

While one of the users said: Why was Luenell acting like this to the prison inmates?

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