Matt Amodio is the real danger! Story right now

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Danger! GOAT contestant James Holzhauer made fun of it on Twitter, as he often does.

But enough about all that. Because while the journey to replace Alex Trebek is certainly fascinating, it’s probably not what Trebek would like us to focus on right now. the star of Danger! is always Danger! And in the midst of all the hosting shenanigans, there’s one contestant who absolutely kicks it Danger!‘s ass now and deserves our attention.

This is Matt Amodio. He’s a monster.

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Matt Amodio is the real danger!  Story right now

After another win on Wednesday, Amodio has won a whopping 16 games in a row and took home over $500,000 (you know, before taxes and all). The graduate student in New Haven, Connecticut, has now firmly established himself Danger! book record. He is fifth in consecutive wins and fourth in highest wins (regular season play). The only players to have won more prize money are Ken Jennings, James Holzhauer and Jason Zuffranieri.

What’s even more impressive, though, is how Amodio is winning. The genius man from Medina, Ohio crushes his competition. His games are usually over shortly after Double Jeopardy! begins. By the time Final Jeopardy! rolls around, he often only competes with himself.

Interesting final danger! may be his only weakness, as he bets aggressively multiple times to boost his already huge score, yet answered incorrectly. If Amodio is one of these Final Jeopardy! gambits, he would have a few entries in the top 10 highest winnings in a single game. Right now that top 10 category is absurdly 10 different James Holzhauer games.

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