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Maximalism vs Minimalism: What are the differences between these two home décor concepts?



Minimalism and maximalism are just the opposite of each other. The first one is about keeping everything minimal, simple and functional, and the latter one focuses on grandeur, boldness and vibrancy. So, here are the differences of these two concepts.

Differences between maximalism and minimalism
Differences between maximalism and minimalism

From the preference of keeping everything simple, the concept of minimalism has been in trend for home decoration for a long time. People now want to keep everything minimal and clutter free with neutral tones and functional objects. But at the same time, maximalism has also been liked by interior designers and home décor lovers. It is all about incorporating bright colours with bold patterns to bring a grandeur in the decoration. So, here are the basic differences between these two styles.

What is minimalism?

Minimalism focuses on clean lines, neutral colours, basic textures and functionality. It believes on keeping everything simple, minimal and clutter free without going overboard. In minimalistic style, mainly white walls are common.

What is maximalism?

While minimalism is all about “less is more”, maximalism is just the opposite of it. It’s about bold colours, catchy patterns, textures, and shapes and together they let the home décor speak for the owner of the house. Maximalism is about going loud and catchy to get all attention quickly.

Differences between minimalism and maximalism

1-In minimalism, you can see all white walls with medium sized functional furniture with small indoor plants, whereas in maximalism, there would be vibrant red walls with a large painting on it, dark coloured furniture and several house plants in the space. There can be a chandelier and many other objects on the wall to create warmth in the space.

2-The walls in minimalism are plain with one colour, and there are patterned walls in maximalism. You can use catchy wallpapers, layers, textures on the wall to make it stand out.

3-Maximalism home décor is best suited for a celebration or festival when you have to make your home stand out, gorgeous and vibrant. It lets you incorporate colours, patterns, attractive objects, etc.

4-For the floors also you need to keep it simple in minimalism, but in maximalism, you can choose different colours, patterns and styles for the floor tiles. You can mix and match colours, cut the tiles in different patterns to create a unique design, etc.

5-If you are planning for minimalism, then Scandinavian home décor is a great idea and for maximalism, Bohemian style is good to go.

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