Phillies’ hot streak reminiscent of the 2007 team



Phillies' hot streak reminiscent of the 2007 team

The Philadelphia Phillies have climbed to the top spot in the National League East for the first time since mid-May and have done so dramatically.
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A team that has been frustratingly average for most of the 2021 season is now finally giving fans reason to believe they can earn a postseason berth for the first time since 2011.


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Optimism swirled at Citizens Bank Park this weekend as the Phillies defeated the New York Mets, who were the first to enter the series.

The emotional highlight of the season so far should remind fans of a triumphant pennant race 14 years ago when the 2007 Phillies overtook the Mets in a late season attempt to earn their first postseason bid since 1993.

Can the incredibly flawed 2021 team replicate the success of a 2007 team that kicked off a remarkable era of Phillies baseball with a memorable pennant race?

What happened to the 2007 Philadelphia Phillies?

The Phillies finished in second place in the NL East in three consecutive seasons from 2004-06. Acquiring talent from big names, they rose from the division basement, but were unable to get over the hump and return to the postseason.

The NL East title in 2007 is now regarded as the beginning of the golden era of Phillies baseball from 2007-2011. Our idealized memories of Brett Myers on the mound to close out the clincher on the last day of the season don’t paint, though. the most historically correct image.

The majority of the 2007 season led fans to believe that the same level of mediocrity from the past few seasons would continue. After the team fell below .500 with a loss to the San Diego Padres on July 19, Jimmy Rollins’ pre-season proclamation of the Phillies as “the team to beat” in the NL East looked incredibly hollow.

However, a 9-1 streak over the next 10 games kept them in the fray. A month later, a hard-fought sweep against the Mets in late August raised hopes for a fanbase starved for playoff baseball.

Even after the emotional sweep, the Phillies fell back to a seven-game deficit with only 17 games left in September. A second Mets win at Shea Stadium in mid-September and a historic collapse at the hands of the Phillies nemesis were needed even after fans began to believe in the 2007 team late in the summer.


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