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Pokémon: What Happened to Cassidy and Butch?



Pokémon: What Happened to Cassidy and Butch?

With the exception of Ash Ketchum himself, the Pokémon anime’s regular characters are undoubtedly the Team Rocket trio of Jessie, James, and Meowth.

Pokemon: Team Rocket

The villains are introduced in the second episode of Pokémon and have appeared regularly since then, as some of the main characters have been around for years. Rather, the characters of Jessie and James, Cassidy and Butch, were actually not quite into the anime for over a decade.

Like good characters like Jessie and James, it’s no secret that they’re far from what video game Pokémon fans think when they hear “Team Rocket.” In the early games, Team Rocket was introduced as a serious criminal gang that the people of Kanto were officially afraid of. Jessie and James, on the other hand, were often portrayed as ignorant – even though they were joking – the masks that would humiliate Ash and his friends every week.

Pokémon: What Happened to Cassidy and Butch?

However, Pokémon’s 57th episode, “The Secret of Reproductive Center,” revealed that the anime version of Team Rocket may have been a superpower and that Jessie and James may have come out on top. The episode introduced Cassidy and Butch, two other members of Team Rocket who are Jessie and James’ talented partners.

Cassidy and Butch’s last performance to date was “Sleight of Sand!” – Episode 65 of Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl and Episode 531 of Pokémon in General – Aired in 2008 (January in Japan, July in the United States). Since then, no mention has been made of them. But while Cassidy and Butch were thoughtlessly written off the show, their removal makes sense when you consider what really happened behind Diamond and Pearl.

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In the Pokémon Series: Black & White, the first trio of Jessie, James and Meowth broke new ground. Often referred to as a series where Team Rocket got “serious,” Black & White saw the comedy baddies start to be just as honest as the official villains. During this time, their plans were well thought out, carefully drafted, and most importantly, more effective than ever. In fact, Jessie and James got as many black video uniforms as Cassidy and Butch used to wear.

Simply put, now that Jessie and James had done well in their careers, there was nothing for Cassidy and Butch to play with. At one point, Giovanni even called Jessie and James his top executives, not to mention Cassidy and Butch had forgotten about them. In the end, Jessie and James succeeded.

However, the newly acquired talent did not last long. By the time the Pokémon Series: XY arrived, Jessie, James, and Meowth were back to their old ways. However, Cassidy and Butch have yet to appear – and it remains to be seen if we’ll ever see these screen players again.

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