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Quentin Tarantino’s movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood



Quentin Tarantino’s movie The Time in Hollywood

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Everything in the book is infused with Quentin Tarantino’s love of old school cinema. “You should be here!” and the subtitle of the book is the same as the late promotion of infidel creative works in general.

Quentin Tarantino’s movie The Time in Hollywood has two main takeaways. The first was his ability as an author. We have known for nearly three decades that he can write brilliant screenplays and engage in dialogue, and he has been surprised by his prowess as a novelist.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Tarantino’s 2019 love letter, told by two of his hippie characters – Rock Dalton and Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) – and a character based on a real person – Sharon Tate. According to the perspectives of two fictional characters (Margot Robbie).

Half way through you get the impression that it is very self-indulgent. It all depends on how much you invested in Tarantino’s late 1960s Hollywood fairy tale. Everything in the book is influenced by the filmmaker’s love for vintage films. “You should have been there!” reflects an extinct, often obscure method of promoting creative works. The subtitle of the book gives an indication of what is to come. The writing style is reminiscent of the popular, rewarding and fast-paced prose style.

Some great takeaways from books

The novel expands the story considerably. Like most novels, the book fills in a lot of blanks and vastly expands the story.

Smaller characters like Timothy Olyphant’s James Stacy, Al Pacino’s Marvin Schwarz, and Julia Butters’ Trudi Frazer are getting bigger roles, improving the store.

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The writing style is unique

As mentioned before, Tarantino has to keep writing after he ends his film career because he is so good at it. Of course the book needed a lot more editing because the author tends to repeat himself.

Cliff Booth killed his wife

As long as the film remains open to interpretation, the book resolves the conflict. Cliff is murdered and escaped with his wife. He was actually acquitted of the murder three times. Not all enemy troops killed during World War II are included. The most confirmed Japanese killer in the Pacific Theater was a soldier.

Brandy was a fighting dog

Do you remember Brandy, Cliff’s pit bull dog tank, which came in handy during the hippie fight? The book even includes a backstory. Tarantino reveals that Cliff and his friend (whom he killed) made a lot of money off a real fighting dog in dogfights across the country. He withdrew during the events of the film, but as we saw, he is still a powerful and ardent warrior.


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