Roja, 27 September 2021, Written Update: Shenbagam expresses her concerns


In today’s episode, Arjun chases a goon in order to apprehend him. Sakshi notices Arjun chasing a guy and believes that if Arjun captures him, all of her plotting and planning against his family would be revealed. As a result, she strikes the man with her car and escapes. Before they can take him to the hospital, the man dies. 

Shenbagam offers prayer to God. Kalpana approaches her and expresses astonishment at seeing her since she still practises the same routines she had in the past, despite the fact that she can’t recall anything. Shenbagam claims that things have changed and that she is concerned. Kalpana advises her not to overthink things and that everything would be fine in no time. 

Shenbagam expresses to Kalpana her concerns that she does not want to marry Manickam again and asks why her mother is pressuring her to do so. Kalpana believes that what Annapoorani is saying is correct and that it is not a huge problem because she is the real Shenbagam. Shenbagam begins to weep. Kalpana intends to take her to a shrine so she may recall things and regain her memory.

The next day, Kalpana and Shenbagam, along with Arjun and Roja, go to the shrine. As Shenbagam approaches the temple arena, she has a sense of déjà vu. Kalpana recalls a couple of their family’s visits to the temple. Arjun has his concerns, but he asks Shenbagam to recall any occurrences that may aid her. Shenbagam is having flashbacks to a few incidents from her past. Shenbagam begins to recall events, including how Annapoorani and her family came to the temple to match the zodiac signs of Roja and Arjun, as well as other incidents from Roja and Arjun’s childhood.

Stay tuned to know what happens next.

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