Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra features a new low-power OLED display, reveals company – Times of India

Samsung Display has announced a new low-power OLED display for smartphones that is claimed to reduce power consumption up to 16%. The new panel is being used in Samsung ElectronicsGalaxy S21 Ultra smartphones.
In a press statement, the company said that it developed the new OLED smartphone display after commercialising a just-developed organic material “whose luminous efficiency has improved dramatically compared to the company’s previous OLED smartphone panels.”
OLED displays don’t require a separate light source, but instead produce their colours by running an electric current directly through a proprietary set of self-luminous organic material, explains Samsung. It is therefore important for organic materials to be efficient in determining an OLED display’s performance.
“The constant progression of display technologies has increased demand for lower power consumption to enable features such as larger screens, faster display driving, and greater resolution,” said Jeeho Baek, executive vice president and head of the mobile display sales, marketing & product planning office at Samsung Display. “Building upon our industry-leading expertise in material technology, which has been increasing for a long time, Samsung Display is directly engaging with many of its customers to improve performance of their newest products,” he added.

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