Sidhartha Mallya reacts to news that he was rejected for a role in Priyanka Chopra’s Quantico


Sidhartha Mallya, who is the son of fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya, has come out with a statement regarding reports that he was turned down for Quantico – the show which launched Priyanka Chopra in the West and became a huge hit. “I never spoke about Quantico, that was written about by journalists in India. I love the way that… I remember that so clearly. You just used the word ‘rejected’ and I remember all the press around it, because Priyanka, it was her show . . . ,” he told a leading film portal.

“They also used the word ‘failed’. And I just love the way that the Indian press go to these very negative terms. The fact of the matter is, you have 100 people auditioning for a role. You don’t get the role, someone gets it. That doesn’t mean you ‘failed’ or you got ‘rejected’. It’s not a test, it’s art. It’s subjective. I found that very funny… If that’s the case then I failed in over a 100 auditions. Great. But it’s different in the West. In India, we’ve seen this, there’s a much quicker route for people to go from zero to stardom and lead films than there is in the West, in that model,” he added.

Sidhartha Mallya

Sidhartha Mallya

Sidhartha Mallya went on to say that he could have advanced more quickly in his career of choice because of the “access” he has but he’s comfortable with where he is.

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