Snacking At Night? Here’s How You Can Stop Binge-Eating – Expert Tips

Do you often find yourself starving a couple of hours after dinner? Do you want to know how to stop binge eating at night? Do you often ask yourself “Where did my will power go?” You are not alone. Believe it or not, there are so many out there desperately trying to diet or eat healthier but fail. So if you have been struggling to control late-night snacking, take tips from nutritionist Nmami Agarwal’s latest video. She talks about the causes which lead one to snack late at night. She also explains how one can be mindful and easily come out of the unhealthy eating habit. Here is how you can avoid late-night snacking, according to the expert. 

How To Avoid Binge Eating At Night:

1. Make sure you eat enough calories throughout the day. When you skip meals or when you under-eat, your body starts craving for those calories at night. 

2. Reduce the time between dinner and bedtime. Ideally two to three hours works; however, if it’s longer, your body starts craving for food.

3. Eat nutrient-dense snack. There is no harm in snacking. Just make sure you are mindful and eat only nutrient-dense food.

Nmami pointed out that it is okay to have a snack. However, it is very important that when snacking, you should opt for foods with high fibre and protein content. It is equally important that you are eating slowly and in small portions. 

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According to Nmami, here is a list of nutrient-dense food items you can opt for:

– Nuts

– Makhana (fox nuts)

– Banana

– Mixed Seeds

Watch the video here:

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Earlier, Nmami shared a video on Instagram where she spoke about a nutritional hack to achieve clear, acne-free skin. She stressed on the foods containing added sugar and also informed how to identify the foods containing unnatural or artificial sugar. 

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So which approach you will take if eating at night is a problem for you? 

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