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The Mire Season 2 Release Date, Cast and Everything We Know So Far



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The crime thriller Mire season 2 will be known as: The Mire ’97 of the Netflix original is all set to hit the screens. The original title is rice which premiered on Showmax on August 18 2018, and follows two murders committed in the early 1980s. A prostitute and a student leader are murdered in a Polish town, and the case is in the hands of the police and the two journalists they suspect. Here share with you everything we know about Netflix’s new polish original the Mir, which is getting more and more interesting. The new season of Mire also takes place during World War II, where Nazi soldiers force Polish prisoners to make weapons.

It will be based on real events such as the horrific floods of 1997. There will be a massive change that will be called LGBTQ along with it will see women working in male dominated fields change themselves, get their hair cut and wear masculine clothes. . And how interesting would it be to see it on a TV screen?

The Mire Season 1

Mire is set in a traditionally quiet, charming town in 1980s Poland. Crime rates there are so low that police and journalists have become friends. When a prostitute is brutally murdered in the woods, everything changes. Her death was initially dismissed as a crime of passion committed by her lover. However, when suicides and several other deaths are discovered, a young and new editor, Piotr Zarzycki (Dawid Ogrodnik), becomes obsessed with the case.

The Mire 97′ Season 2 Plot

The flood of the century reveals another body in the Gronty Woods and attendant corruption, ’90s scams, and long-hidden secrets from World War II. – Netflix

The Mire Season 2 Cast

Jan Holübeck is the director and co-writer of the screenplay with Casper Bas on The Mire Season 2.
Andrzej Seweryn as Witold Wanycz
Dawid Ogrodnik as Piotr Zarzyckic
Zofia Wichlacz as Teresa Zarzycka
Magdalena Walach as Helena Grochowiak
Piotr Fronczewski as hotel manager
Agnieszka Lulewska as Nadia
Ireneusz Czop as Prosecutor
Zbigniew Waleryś as Zbigniew Brynski
Jacek Beler as gunner Marek Kulik
Nel Kaczmarek as Justyna Drewiczowna

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The Mire Season 2 Release Date

The Mire ’97 (Season 2) is available on Netflix with all six episodes from July 7, 2021. New fans of The Mire If you found the story of this new season 2 interesting, don’t forget to check out season 1 which can be seen on Netflix.

Watch The Mire Season 2 Trailer

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