These 5 statements can trigger disordered eating in kids | The Times of India

There is a huge difference between an eating disorder and disordered eating. Extreme cases of disordered eating are Anorexia and Bulimia. The signs of eating disorders are easy to identify like obsessing over food, which can interfere with their ability to carry out their daily activities and even damaging mental health.

But the cases of disordered eating are more subtle and difficult to pinpoint. It is generally a term used for unhealthy eating behaviours and worries about body image like dieting and restrictive eating. We mostly take these things lightly, but it can lead to grave damage later in life.

Some major differences between an eating disorder and disordered eating is the frequency and degree of severity. Those dealing with disordered eating habits engage in similar behaviours as those with an eating disorder, but it is sporadic and less severe.

Parents must help their kids improve their eating habits and self-esteem. To do so they must be careful about what they say and how they act around their little one. Here are common phrases that you must avoid around your kids to prevent disordered eating.

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