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Tonight on ‘Big Brother 23’: Season Premiere on CBS



New Season of Big Brother on CBS

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New Season of Big Brother on CBS

The big day has arrived! Tonight on CBS the premiere of Big Brother 23 Our fun-filled season and summer kicks off as sixteen all-new Houseguests move in and take over the BB23 home for a chance to win a prize of half a million dollars. It all kicks off tonight at 8pm ET/PT with a 90-minute event.

Unlike most recent seasons, these Houseguests still haven’t moved in and just like last year, we’ll be seeing it all played live when Julie meets the HGs onstage and sends them in for a quick start to the new twist. That new twist will feel familiar with the return of teams and captains with two men and two women making up each of the four groups for our first episode. Where it comes from is a mystery.

Tonight’s show should start with host Julie Chen welcoming us and taking us through the new house design with the theme BB Beach Club. We then meet the HGs in their reveals about the home key and soon they will go in in groups of four to take on the first challenge. The winner of each group becomes the captain who then chooses three more HGs to join his or her team. I suspect the idea here is to divide and conquer the HGs in a way to try and avoid another mega alliance being formed in week 1 to steamroll the house for the next ten weeks. Fingers crossed.

Gallery: Tour of the BB23 house

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Come back here for our live coverage of tonight’s premiere at 8/7c and then get ready for the next episode, Sunday at 8/7c. The Big Brother 23 schedule features episodes on CBS three nights a week with Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday all at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Stream the shows live or watch missed episodes on Paramount+ whenever you want.

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