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Vienna Inn enjoys more normal terrain as National Hot Dog Day…



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The third Wednesday of July has arrived and that means it’s official National Hot Dog Day.

Again, Vienna Inn will celebrate the occasion by offering a small discount on its signature hot dogs. Starting today at 10 a.m., customers can purchase a hot dog for $2, and chili dogs are also available for an additional cost.
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The typical price of a hot dog from the long-standing Vienna restaurant ranges from $2.45 to $2.75, depending on whether it’s served with cheese, chili, onions, and other toppings.

“We have customers from all over the country to try one of our dogs,” Vienna Inn owner Marty Volk said in a press release saying the restaurant still serves more than 10,000 hot dogs a month, even with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

National Hot Dog Day is an annual event organized by the National Council for Hot Dogs and Sausages, one by the American Meat Institute, but the promotion weighs a little harder this year for small businesses like Vienna Inn, who could use the boost after working through the pandemic for more than a year.

Last year around this time, Vienna Inn could only offer a limited amount from indoor seating, relying instead on curbside contactless pickups and alfresco dining under a newly installed tent in the parking lot at 120 Maple Avenue E.

Also known as the Outside Inn, the tent can accommodate over 60 guests and is equipped with large screen televisions to recreate the sports bar experience that is as much a part of the establishment’s appeal as the chili dogs and furnishings. with wooden panels.

Volk says the addition of the flysheet has been instrumental in keeping Vienna Inn through the past year.

The tent was made possible in part by an emergency ordinance which the city of Vienna has had since June 2020, allowing commercial activity on sidewalks and in parking lots due to health concerns related to COVID-19. The regulation has been extended five times, most recently on June 7, and is now scheduled to expire on December 7.

“The past year has been a challenge,” Volk said by email. “Without the addition of the Outside Inn (our tent that allowed for outdoor dining) and the loyalty of our customers who have raised money to buy meals for first responders and hospital staff and found an excuse to order takeout, we are here maybe not today.”

Earlier this year, Vienna Inn commemorated his 61st birthday featuring celebrity hot dog offers and a challenge for customers to purchase 1,960 meals for emergency responders and other frontline workers in late February. The restaurant surpassed its target by selling 2,176 meals that month her website.

Vienna Inn says it has seen “a big increase” in diners since then Virginia disbanded all capacity and social distancing restrictions on May 28.

The restaurant is now preparing for an influx of new faces with the Virginia State Little League Majors Little League Tournament roll into town tomorrow (Thursday).

“It was nice to get back to normal a bit,” said Volk. “It was a great feeling to see familiar faces, sports teams and families back in the restaurant.”

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