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Westworld 4: The Theory of Dolores Returns to Evan Rachel Wood’s Possible Return to the Series
Westworld 4: The Theory of Dolores Returns to Evan Rachel Wood’s Possible Return to the Series

More than a year after the finale of the third cycle of episodes, first hypotheses to start in the western world 4 and about the possible return of Dolores, who had come to a tragic end in the last episode of May 2020 when, associated with Rehoboam Artificial Intelligence, she used the last of her energies to transfer control of the entire system from Serac to Caleb bear, the former soldier who had been kind to her when she was still a tool in the hands of Delos.

In the season finale, the character played by Evan Rachel Wood had sacrificed her life so that Caleb could shut down the machine and thus give free will to humans, which the “god” Rehobeam had eliminated in favor of an apparent order that would destroy all humanity for the best. possible future.

West World 4

“Crisis Theory” – this is the title of the last episode of season 3 – had us believe that Dolores had been eliminated from the equation, but still a video of the set of the fourth, the situation is completely reversed. Initially posted by user mickmicknyc on TikTok and then shared on Twitter, the video shows a woman in a long blue dress walking down a street littered with corpses in New York.

The dress is very similar to what Dolores wore in Season 1, and the long blonde hair could also be hers. However, the video doesn’t show a glimpse of the actress’s face, so it doesn’t say it’s Evan Rachel Wood, and even if it was her, we could get a flashback or a hallucination, if not even a promotional trailer.

However, if the woman in the video was really Evan Rachel Wood, Dolores’ journey wouldn’t be over. But how could Westworld’s main character return to the scene??

Westworld 4 The Return of Dolores: The Theory

According to a popular theory, Evan Rachel Wood will return in the fourth season of Westworld, but not as Dolores.

When showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy gave Variety an interview after the season 3 finale aired, they were asked if the lead actress was leaving the series. Nolan’s response had been very complex, stating that Dolores, as we knew her, was gone forever, but then added that one of the main features of the series has always been to reinvent herself, and hence the presence. Wood’s could have led to new scenarios.

The series’ creators’ statements sparked the theory suggested by series fans who believed that Evan Rachel Wood Could Play a New Character in Westworld Season 4. In season three, Dolores infused her personality into several other hosts, one of which resembled Charlotte Hale. However, in the final, Hale managed to develop a personality of her own and began to create her own army of hosts.

In the new episodes, Charlotte could insert some of her personality into a host who looks like Dolores and pretend to influence Caleb, who had lost his mind over the robot played by Evan Rachel Wood. A theory that would shake up the series and allow Wood to experiment with acting, again showing great versatility.

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